About Us

It all began when two software engineers decided to take the leap and start their own IT company named Genesis360.

Together, they formed a highly skilled team passionate about technology and providing best IT solutions for their clients. They kicked off with services including web and mobile development and block chain development.

They then delved into exciting world of web3 projects using the latest technologies to create innovative and forward-thinking solutions.

Our Values

We believe that these values are key to creating a positive work
culture where everyone feels valued and supported.

Meet our Team

Nafeesa Hubdar
HR Executive

Mustafa Baloch
BD Executive

Amir Masood
BD Executive

Taimoor J. Baig
Marketing Manager

Founder & CEO

Hassan Khan
Founder & MD

Our Work Culture

Our WOrk Culture
We ensure that the entire team gets a chance to develop professionally,
personally, and intellectually.

Focus on Members

We are in this to delight our members. We maintain constant communication to understand their needs and wants.

Take Ownership

We are passionate and proactive. We take ownership and prioritize the long term, not just our team or task.

Get Stuff Done

Time and Resources are constraint. We can only win if we are faster and, more effective, and more agile than others.

Prioritize Data

We are humble about our opinions and use data across our teams to make better decisions. We respect
the security and privacy of our
team members.

Enjoy the Journey

We believe we can do our best work by supporting each other and seeking together to make our work engaging, fun and enjoyable.

Support Personal Growth

We are committed to using our experience at work to support our own and each others personal growth journeys.

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